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How a Family-Owned Winery Ended Up Getting Namechecked in Mariah Carey’s New Song

Variety - by Tim Chan - September 29, 2018

Mariah Carey may be known best for her five-octave voice, but the “Elusive Chanteuse” also knows her way around a clever lyric. Carey, who was a co-writer on 17 of her 18 Billboard #1 hits, namechecks a Napa winery in her latest single, and the inspiration may have been decades in the making.

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Wine Talk: Josh Groban’s Pinot Noir Philanthropy

Wine Spectator - by Lexi Williams - September 23, 2018

The internationally renowned singer and newly minted Netflix star gets hands-on making wine with a boutique Sonoma producer to help fund his arts-education charity.

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How California wine took over the world

Santa Fe New Mexican - by • James M. Keller - September 23, 2018

John Briscoe’s Crush: The Triumph of California Wine(University of Nevada Press) offers a comprehensive history of how the California wine industry came into being, found its way through a couple of centuries, and proliferated into the enormous field it is today, embracing tastes and wallets that run from “Two-Buck Chuck” (a steal at $1.99 when […]

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At Petaluma Gap, California’s newest American Viticultural Area, wind defines the wine

The Press Democrat - by Linda Murphy - September 23, 2018

It’s 4 p.m. on a warm summer afternoon, in a vineyard a few miles east of Petaluma. In a few surreal minutes, blustery winds sweep across the site, turning the vines’ leaves nearly inside out as they defend against the force. Chilling fog soon follows and lingers overnight and until the next morning.

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Wine picks: With a multitude of grapes, it’s time to focus on 10 biggies

The Press Democrat - by Peg Melnik - September 23, 2018

The “Ten Grapes to Know” by Catherine Fallis, just released this month, is a great book for those who are just beginning to explore the world of wine.

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How to show China’s wine lovers a good time

South China Morning Post - by THE LUXURY CONVERSATION - September 22, 2018

With the mainland set to become the world’s second-largest market by 2020, the East is set to be red, white and rosé, opening up a host of opportunities for vendors and importers.

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Spoiler: You’re Probably Storing Your Wine Wrong - by Shaunacy Ferro - September 21, 2018

If you love wine, you should invest in a wine rack. No, not because of the space-saving potential or how good it will look in your kitchen. It will make your wine last longer and taste better.

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This is the world’s first flat wine bottle

The San Diego Union-Tribune - by Lily Rose - September 21, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to stack your wine or store it like books on a shelf, you need to see the world’s first flat wine bottle. Garçon Wines has made a full-size wine bottle that is thin like a flask and features a convenient screw-cap – no cork necessary.

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Why wine and chocolate could help you live longer, science says - by Gianluca D’Elia - September 21, 2018

If you’ve lived by the mantra that a daily piece of dark chocolate is good for your health, you’re in luck. Another reliable source is backing that up.

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Wine Press: 6 Rose Wines Perfect To Drink Year Round - by Ken Ross - September 10, 2018

Some wine drinkers have so many rules. White wine with fish. Red wine with meat. Champagne on odd-numbered days. I made the last one up, but you get my point.

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