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What is the most popular wine?

MASS LIVE - by Ken Ross - April 19, 2021

Everyone has their favorites. Whether it’s certain foods or sports teams, ski resorts or family pets, we all like certain ones more than others. The same is true when it comes to wine. All of us have our favorites.

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Wine Prevents Dementia, But Scientists Aren’t Sure Why

Yahoo Entertainment - by The Editors at Charlotte's Book - March 28, 2021

We love a good study on aging and wine (or coffee). Mostly we love wine, but finding research that supports that love is always reassuring.

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Dells restaurateur suggests some wine pairings for your Valentine’s Day dinner

WKOW - by Sara Maslar-Donar - February 14, 2021

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here. Many people mark the day with a drink in hand, and the classic choice for a Valentine’s Day drink is often wine.

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Diet Changes – Including More Wine and Cheese – May Help Reduce Cognitive Decline

SciTechDaily - by IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY - December 30, 2020

The foods we eat may have a direct impact on our cognitive acuity in our later years. This is the key finding of an Iowa State University research study spotlighted in an article published in the November 2020 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sauvignon Blanc Makes Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2020

CISION PR Newswire - by Press Release - December 18, 2020

In just its first vintage, Wine Spectator has listed Sarah Jessica Parker’s 2019 Invivo X SJP Sauvignon Blanc in their prestigious Top 100 wines for the year.  Through blind tastings performed by Wine Spectator’s editors, these 100 bottles were chosen from an incredible 15,000 wines.

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There’s Now A Wine Called ‘Sh!tShow’ So We’ll Be Drinking That For The Rest Of 2020

delish - by ALEXIS MORILLO - October 28, 2020

A small Pennsylvania winery makes a red blend wine that is—as the kids say—a total mood. Sh!tshow wine is available for purchase online and pretty much sums up everyone’s feelings about the year 2020.

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How to Read a Wine Label, in 12 Easy Lessons

The New York Times - by Eric Asimov - October 2, 2020

The wine shop can be intimidating, with so many different styles of labeling. Here’s help in decoding a dozen basic types.

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Taco Bell debuting ‘Jalapeno Noir’ wine in Canada, suggests pairing it with cheddar chalupa

Fox News - by Michael Bartiromo - September 15, 2020

Offering is being touted as the perfect accompaniment for the Toasted Cheesy Chalupa

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New ‘Star Trek’ Klingon Bloodwine Is Here for You to Celebrate Vanquishing Your Enemies

Wine Spectator - by Ben O'Donnell - September 5, 2020

Following the success of the Château Picard bottling made at the actual Château Picard, Star Trek Wines pulled out the stops to make a culturally and linguistically accurate Bloodwine

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Fires in California wine country: Latest as 2020 harvest gets underway

Decanter - by Chris Mercer - August 30, 2020

Many wineries have been bringing in their first grapes of the 2020 vintage, with some conducting extra checks for signs of smoke taint, as firefighters reported progress in their efforts to contain large wildfires in northern California.

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