Gold Medal Winning Wines

California wines have won a Gold Medal in blind tastings from numerous wine competitions. Search by Wine Type, Winery or Region or Price!California Gold Wine List.

Each year, numerous wine competitions are held, where panels of wine experts conduct blind tastings of wines entered from hundreds of wineries. Scores are tabulated and then medals are awarded to the best wines. Only the highest rated wines from California are included in the California Gold Wine List database, each having earned one or more Gold Medals, and in some cases, an even higher medal such as Double Gold or Sweepstakes. All the wines listed here are considered outstanding by professional wine judges. This information was derived from numerous wine competitions, so details for each wine may vary depending upon how the data was captured by the competitions. Prices are estimates only, and may vary between competitions due to timing issues. Also, the wine may be discounted or sold at a premium from the price shown. (Some competitions do not include wine pricing, so “$N/A” will be shown as the price.) The wines may be sorted by Wine Type, Winery or Region.