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California Gold Wine List

The California Gold Wine List is a searchable database of California wines that have earned Gold Medals (or higher) in various wine competitions. (Prices shown are estimates.)

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There’s Incredible Value in Quality South African Wine — It’s Just Up to the Rest of the World to Notice

VinePair - by Laura Burgess - February 17, 2019

South Africa is the wine world’s next “it” region. What the Drinks Business once called “the ‘bad old’ days of South African winemaking” are fading into the rearview, replaced by stellar vintages and high-profile critical acclaim.

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Thirst for Rare Wine and Whisky Drives Surge in Auction Sales

Bloomberg - by Elin McCoy - February 16, 2019

Remember the legendary 1945 Romanée-Conti Burgundy that sold for $558,000 at a Sotheby’s auction last fall? Turns out it’s part of a larger overall boom in the wine auction market, one driven by voracious demand for Burgundy and the appeal of single-owner cellars.

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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition winners

San Francisco Chronicle - by Staff - February 15, 2019

More than 6,800 wines from 37 states and wine regions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico were entered into the 2019 competition.

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Selecting Valentine’s Day wines

Union Bulletin - by Paul Gregutt - February 14, 2019

If soon-to-arrive Valentine’s Day is a moment to love the one you’re with, it’s also a moment to love the wine you’re with. By which I mean, celebrate!

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Pair romantic recipes with wonderful wines for a memorable Valentine’s Day meal

TODAY - by Leslie Sbrocco and Ryan Scott - February 13, 2019

Wine expert Leslie Sbrocco and chef Ryan Scott are stopping by the TODAY kitchen to help take the pressure off Valentine's Day dinner. 

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VinePair - by VinePair Staff - February 11, 2019

Every year, America drinks a little more wine. According to the Wine Institute, we have been steadily increasing per-person intake for more than 80 years. As of 2016, we were up to 2.94 gallons of wine per person, or 949 million gallons total.

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Lodi, California, a new darling of the wine world

Knoxville News Sentinel, USA TODAY NETWORK - by Linda Lange and Steve Ahillen - February 10, 2019

Lodi, a little city about 30 Miles south of Sacramento, is famous for two things. A Creedence Clearwater Revival song has the memorable lines “Just about a year ago, I set out on the road, seekin’ my fame and fortune…Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again.”

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Amid shift in wine consumer demand, California Wine Country cautioned to prepare for ample grape supply


The North Coast wine business on Thursday received another wake-up call about gathering storm clouds that could dampen consumer demand for premium wines and the grapes from which they’re made.

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It’s Time to Start Treating Southern California as a Serious Wine Destination

VinePair - by Matt Osgood - February 8, 2019

If someone you knew were planning a trip to California wine country in previous years, it meant they were going to Napa or Sonoma (or, perhaps, both). Now, a new generation of winemakers in a small patch of Southern California real estate is looking to change that.

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Place is wine’s critical component

The Aspen Times - by Kelly J. Hayes - February 7, 2019

We are often so consumed with which wines have the best scores or sell the most or cost the most that it is easy to lose sight of one of wine's most fundamental facts: it's really all about the farming.

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