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California Gold Wine List

The California Gold Wine List is a searchable database of California wines that have earned Gold Medals (or higher) in various wine competitions. (Prices shown are estimates.)

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California Cab Sauv without Napa Prices? Try Mendocino and Lake Counties

Wine Enthusiast - by Jim Gordon - December 5, 2019

Smart consumers should appreciate Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendocino and Lake counties as much as their Napa Valley counterparts. The wines from the highland valleys and mountain slopes of these two northern California counties have much the same structure and concentration as Napa-grown wines, often at...

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California Wine Shines in Holiday Cocktails

Wine Institute - by Staff - December 3, 2019

You’ve carefully selected the wines for each course of your holiday dinner, from the roast turkey to the dessert spread. From California Chardonnay to Pinot Noir to Zinfandel, you’ve got all your wine bases covered. The only thing missing is a festive wine-based cocktail to...

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7 Thanksgiving bottles to tame the wine culture wars

San Francisco Chronicle - by Esther Mobley - November 24, 2019

How to find a middle ground between your Millennial’s natural wine and your Boomer’s Napa Cabernet.

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Winemakers Keep It Real on Thanksgiving

Wine Spectator - by Tim Fish - November 22, 2019

Wines on this year’s holiday table will be an eclectic mix, just like the vintners who’ll open them

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Sonoma comes back to life after the Kincade Fire, offering visitors a wine country welcome

The Points Guy - by Melanie Haiken - November 18, 2019

I have a lot of history here: My father and stepmother once lived just a block from where I’m standing on the town’s central plaza, and I’m afraid to find it damaged as a result of the Kincade Fire, which swept through the county with...

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Wine.com releases the “Wine.com 100” and “50 Most Intriguing” Wine Lists

PR Newswire - by Wine.com - November 14, 2019

Wine.com, the nation's leading online wine retailer, today announced its 13th annual "Wine.com 100" and unveiled its inaugural "50 Most Intriguing Wines" list.

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Costco Is Now Selling ‘Eggnog Wine’ for The Holidays

VINEPAIR - by ASHLIE HUGHES - November 7, 2019

Just in time for cartons of eggnog to turn up everywhere you look, Costco has taken the holiday drink to a new level with its Kirkland Signature Eggnog Wine Cocktail.

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12 bottles of wine arrive in space for year of aging

TRIB LIVE - by ASSOCIATED PRESS - November 4, 2019

A dozen bottles of fine French wine arrived at the space station Monday, not for the astronauts, but for science.

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At What Temperature Does Wine Spoil?

Wine Enthusiast - by MARSHALL TILDEN III - October 31, 2019

Wine can be a delicate, fragile thing. Exposing a bottle to higher temperatures for an extended period of time will affect its integrity and potentially “cook” the wine.

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Aldi Is Launching Aldiploma, A Free Wine Course To Help You Get Savvy About Your Sauvy B

BUSTLE - by AOIFE HANNA - October 17, 2019

Does ordering wine for a table of people make you break out in hives? Well you guys, whatever your level or expertise when it comes to boozy grape juice, there's no such thing as too much knowledge.

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