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California Gold Wine List

The California Gold Wine List is a searchable database of California wines that have earned Gold Medals (or higher) in various wine competitions. (Prices shown are estimates.)

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Get a taste of the nation’s fanciest food & wine festival, with Martha Stewart, top chefs

USA TODAY - by Trevor Hughes - June 16, 2019

Aperol spritzes are most definitely back on the menu, because if Martha Stewart says it, it must be so...Speaking to hundreds of eager fans who paid nearly $2,000 per ticket at the world's fanciest food festival this weekend, Stewart shared her favorite Aperol spritz recipe and...

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Is it Time to Retire the Phrase “Natural Wine?”

Wine Enthusiast - by CHRISTINA PICKARD - June 12, 2019

Despite the divisiveness that surrounds them—or very possibly because of it—natural wines have changed our vinous­ landscape for the better. At heart, they embody environmental stewardship by championing chemical-free farming and winemaking with the fewest possible additives­ and manipulations.

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We Drink Basically The Same Wine As Ancient Romans — And That’s Not So Great

npr - by SUSIE NEILSON - June 10, 2019

With wine, older usually means better. "Vintage," our word for "classily aged," comes from the winemaking process. Wines from decades ago fetch far higher prices than freshly made ones. Wine itself is woven throughout ancient history, from ancient Judeo-Christian rites (hello, Last Supper!) to Egyptian ceremonies...

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High-End Wines for an Upscale Father’s Day, Grape-by-Grape

Wine Enthusiast - by Wine Enthusiast Staff - June 7, 2019

For Father’s Day this year, go big. These high-quality bottlings are all $50 and more, and the best way to show your gratitude. Broken down by grape and style, here are top-tier pours that won’t disappoint this holiday.

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Merlot versus marijuana: Wine Country feuds over measure to grow pot

San Francisco Chronicle - by Esther Mobley and Melia Russell - June 4, 2019

The Napa Valley has become synonymous with wine, as grapevines cover the flatlands and creep up the hillsides...Now some entrepreneurs hope a new crop will take root: marijuana.

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Bidding for good: Wine lovers chase vintage bottles, raise funds at Auction Napa Valley

Napa Valley Register - by HOWARD YUNE - June 2, 2019

ST. HELENA — Under a magenta-ceilinged banquet tent at the Meadowood Napa Valley resort near St. Helena, the paddles shot up and the prices climbed in rapid-fire fashion at Auction Napa Valley’s showcase live auction. It was an afternoon to enjoy free-flowing wine and bid huge...

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Want to find the perfect bottle of wine? Ask these questions first

Market Watch - by Jeanette Settembre - May 31, 2019

There’s one weird difference between red and white wine drinkers

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For Sale: 300-Year-Old ‘Shipwreck Wine’ Rescued From the Bottom of the Sea

Atlas Obscura - by REINA GATTUSO - May 30, 2019

IN 2010, A TEAM OF underwater salvagers toasted a deep-sea discovery with a rare vintage. Their discovery? The very wine they were about to drink: 350-year-old bottles they had fished out of a decrepit shipwreck off the coast of Hamburg, Germany.

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The Secret to Sampling Wines? Pair Them — with One Another

Chicago Magazine - by MAGGIE HENNESSY - May 27, 2019

The experts at Edgewater’s Income Tax have spoken: Tasting flights are passé. Instead, get to know a wine by putting two of them in dialogue with each other.

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Red or white? Wine preference reveals a lot about your personality, survey determines

FOX NEWS - by Marie Haaland - May 25, 2019

If you like “Game of Thrones,” consider yourself an introvert, and enjoy traveling, results found you’re probably into red wine.

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